P.25 Series

The P.25 series of belt consists of a wide variety of 25 mm pitch belts designed for all types of light to medium transport. Currently we stock eight products in the P.25 series.

Belts in this series range from closed to open belts with smooth or structure surface, as well as raised ribs and rubber surface. This series has very good cleanability for the food industry (especially meat and poultry). The P.25 features fully bi-directional sprockets for reversible conveyors.


The P.25-400 is an open belt with smooth top surface for cooling and drainage.


The P.25-400F has an open friction top for transport of packed goods on slight inclines.


The P.25-406 belt has a perforated top with a one mm opening for draining of small products.


The P.25-408 has a flat top closed surface and is used for general light transportation.


The P.25-411 is an open belt with a curved surface for min product contact.


The P.25-800 is a flat top closed surface belt used for general food applications.


The P.25-806 is a perforated flat top for light transportation.


The P.25-830 belt has a closed cone top for use with frozen products and positioning on small inclines.